The Zorb World Cup!

Combining the epic fun of Zorbing with a little friendly competition, we have two options available for customers.  The large zorbs or bubble zorbs.   Both options can be tailored to the space and event format.































    1-8 users

    ages 3-65

    1 sockets required

    dry or light rain

     adjustable space

    drop-off option

Planning your event

What’s the format?

Our Zorb world cup includes a range of fun games and activities for users.  This experience can also be used as a free activity without any organised elements.


What age range is this recommended for?

We have two styles of Zorbs.   The large Zorbs and Bubble Football Zorbs.  The large Zorbs are suitable for ages 3+.  Younger children can be rolled or simply enjoy being inside.  The Bubble Football Zorbs are suitable for ages 8+ due to their size and weight.


What space is required?

Depending on the types of Zorbs on hire, the average school gym hall or 5 a side pitch is suitable for this experience.


Do you travel anywhere?

Yes, as we are a mobile company we cover the country with no exceptions.  The fuel charge varies from council area.


Are staff provided?

Our staff fully coordinate this event and related games.