If your event requires a more educational touch as opposed to physical, then explore 5 great topics as part of our tutorial program.  Some of these include healthy eating and how the body works!










    1-90 users

    ages 3-65+

    1 socket required

    all weather

     adjustable space

    no drop-off option

Planning your event

What’s the format?

The tutorials follow a PowerPoint format with 5 classes available to help with understanding how the body works right through to diet and nutrition.

How long do these last?

Each session can range from 30-60 minutes.

Can I book just one?

Yes.  You can select the one of most interest to you.

Do you travel anywhere?

Yes, as we are a mobile company we cover the country with no exceptions.  The fuel charge varies from council area.

Are staff provided?

Our staff fully coordinate this event.