NERF: Laser

No bullets required!!!  This special edition of Nerf includes their laser range that can be used both indoors and outdoors.










    1-30 users

    ages 3-65+

    1 socket required

    dry or light rain/wind

     adjustable space

    drop-off option

Planning your event

What’s the format?

Using the latest in NERF equipment we combine technology with lasers.  All Lasers sync up to our app the displays winners of each team and highest scorers.  Users simply need to focus on precision while technology tracks each individuals performance.

What’s provided?

Laser Blasters, Nerf Inflatables and optional large inflatable dark maze.

What space is required?

An average sized gym hall is generally suitable for this experience.

Do you travel anywhere?

Yes, as we are a mobile company we cover the country with no exceptions.  The fuel charge varies from council area.

Are staff provided?

Our staff fully coordinate this event.