Go Kart Grand Prix!

The most fun to be had on 4 wheels!  This experiences includes a series of games and races where participants eventually take part in a final complete Grand Prix to establish a podium of winners.































    1-12 users

    ages 4-10

    0 sockets required

    all weather types

     adjustable space

    no drop-off option

Planning your event

What’s the format?

Our Go Kart Grand Prix offers users a number of fun races, speed trials and an ultimate grand prize for


What age range is this recommended for?

P1 to P5 will benefit the most from this experience but the seats can adjust for P6 and P7.


What space is required?

The bigger the space the bigger the race!  Our staff will adjust the format and set up according to the space available.  A hard surface is essential.  This experience is not suitable for grass.


Do you travel anywhere??

Yes, as we are a mobile company we cover the country with no exceptions.  The fuel charge varies from council area.


What else is included?

If you wish to make an event of the grand prix, prize ceremonies can be added on with podium stands and medals.


Are staff provided?

Our staff fully coordinate this event.